Way out Northwest

Guelph Jazz Festival - by Connor Kurtz.

Way Out Northwest

Dylan van der Schyff / Torsten Muller / John Butcher

Ken Pickering, the adventurous  founder of the Vancouver Jazz Festival, invited this trio in the summer of 2007. With Muller and van der Schiff living in Vancouver, the group has largely been true to it’s name - visiting Victoria,  Gabriola Islands, Edmonton, Portland and Seattle. They met for a welcome  reunion at the Guelph Jazz Festival 2017.


Butcher and van der Schyff had previously played and recorded in  Vacouver in 2000, and more recently at London’s Vortex and Iklectik.

Trio: Where a lot of traditional free improv embraces mood over narrative these guys are telling all manner of tales by working on small vignettes and builds within the different moods each piece cements.
Coke Machine Glow - Mark Abraham.

Duo: They seem to inspire each other to greater degrees of subtlety and intensity. Van der Schyff plays sensitively throughout and he knows when not to play. As for Butcher, yes, he creates a variety of sonorities, but his lines have substance as well. Points, Snags and Windings is very well realized, and a classic of its kind.
Jazz Times - Harvey Pekar.

Way Out Northwest
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Coke Machine Glow / Wire

Points, Snags & Windings
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van der Schyff / Butcher

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