Ausland, Berlin 2019 - from photos by Cristina Marx/Photomusix.


Magda Mayas / John Butcher / Tony Buck

Spill (the duo of Magda Mayas & Tony Buck) invited John Butcher to join them for a Café Oto concert in 2010. Since then the trio has enjoyed meeting for  concerts under the name Vellum.

Mayas can make the strings of a piano sing, groan, rumble, chirp or snarl like little else. Together with Butcher (who appears unusually melodic a few times here) and Buck, she provides some suspenseful moments. More than once, film-like references emerge: from downright threatening to strangely psychedelic, as if Demdike Stare is getting involved with it. Later, the three seem to move into the jungle, after which Butcher lets his soprano sax flutter and Buck's reaction with clanging percussion catapults the listener to the middle of a Chinese opera. Or about, because even in the references, the trio's sound remains plastic enough to tell its own story.
QUADRATURE - Koen Van Meel.

Freedom Of The City, Cecil Sharp House, London

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