Vanessa Mackness & John Butcher

Red Rose Club, London - by Phillip Edwards.

Vanessa Mackness duo

Derek Bailey's 1990 London Company Week was the first occasion for Butcher and Mackness to improvise together. The combination sparked and many duo concert followed, plus some further groups with Bailey.
Singer Vanessa Mackness was initially a painter, a graduate of the Camberwell School of Art, and has now mostly returned to this work.

Both Butcher and Mackness's gifts seem particularly defined in the minute sensitivities of control. Butcher is a complete virtuoso, able to produce exquisite polyphonics and harmonics at any volime. Mackness's beautifully clear vocal production and her ability to see deply into the the meaning of Burcher's lush backgrounds make them an ideal pairing, and Respiritus a beautiful record.

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