Toop, Gal & Butcher

Café Oto, London by Dawid Laskowski.

Toop / Gal / Butcher

David Toop, Sharon Gal and John Butcher is a trio suggested by John Macedo for part of an evening he curated at Café Oto in Spring 2019. It was a very fresh first meeting and their music is now out on the new Shrike CD label.

Even in the most abstract and almost silent segments, Butcher, Gal and Toop operated in mysterious and poetic ways, always attentive to every gesture but letting the sounds and their fragile dynamics lead them all. The interplay becomes more intense and fierce only in the last minutes when Gal’s processed shouts collide with the tortured breaths of Butcher and the distorted lap steel guitar sounds of Toop. But, surprisingly, Gal opted to conclude this arresting improvisation with an emotional, caressing touch, beautifully answered by Butcher and Toop.
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