Point of Departure - Tarab Cuts review
London Jazz Festival 2014

John Butcher and Mark Sanders

Presented at the Purcell Room, John Butcher's Tarab Cuts triangulated plunderphonics, interactive technology, and acoustic improvisation with startling results.
By mashing 78s of Arab music, employing feedback strategies he first devised with Phil Durrant, and distributing cue points throughout the hour-long piece, Butcher found the means as a saxophonist to ricochet off traditional idioms without aping them, to balance structure and spontaneity with freshness, and to give long-time listeners the pleasure of realizing that a project that, on paper, seemed so far out of his lane was, in fact, right up his alley.
Throughout the piece, Sanders was an attentive accompanist to the occasionally divergent trajectories of Butcher and the recorded material, using his allotted space to create fully formed statements.

© Bill Shoemaker/Point of Departure