Steve Beresford & John Butcher

Photo by Pierre Bouvier.

Steve Beresford

Back in 1992 These Records’ tiny shop in Wandsworth was the venue for Beresford and Butcher’s first gig together. Further memorable duo concerts include Vancouver, Lausanne and Brighton.
Numerous other projects include Beresford's Fish of the Week, a trio with Paul Lovens and many  ad-hoc situations.
They have also collaborated on the realisations of a number of Christian Marclay pieces - Screen Play, Graffiti Music, Shuffle and, most recently, Everyday.

The particular joy of this music resides in its invention and its relative quiet. There’s something about the pairing of a piano and a woodwind that suggests the traditional recital, though here Steve Beresford plays objects as well and electronics even more, and the music itself is insistently contemporary in the sense that little music belongs so intensely to the potential of the present moment. It is a trick of memory and cognition, a recital of an absolute present, achieved in part through that accelerated pace of Butcher’s special line, literally at something like the speed of mind.
Freejazzblog - Stuart Broomer.

There are moments of sublime consonance when Beresford's feedback matches the burred tones of Butcher's soprano, and more of thrilling contrast when burly tenor figures plow through an obstacle course of clanking prepared piano and cheap-sounding circuitry.
Wire - Bill Meyer.

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