Sophie Agnel & John Butcher

Ausland, Berlin, 2019 - by Cristina Marx / Photomusix.

Sophie Agnel duo

Agnel and Butcher have met in a few settings over the years - most recently at ausland, Berlin for their second duo concert, soon to be released on vinyl as la pierre tâchée.
A memorable earlier project found them playing live soundtracks (in trio with Hungarian cellist Albert Markos) for Caroline Strubbe’s feature film “I am the same, I am another”.

Their set was an urgent, provocative journey in otherworldly and inventive sonic textures, surprising in its weird sounds, even for those who already know the art of both Butcher and Agnel.
Free Jazz Blog - Eyal Hareuveni
(Wels Unlimited 2015).

la pierre tâchée
la pierre tachéeLP coming soon

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