Phil Durrant & John Butcher

Dodorama, Rotterdam.

Secret Measures

Phil Durrant and John Butcher's first electromanipulation performance was in Bern, Switzerland in 1997 - the last in Pau, France in 2004.
Over 7 years the electronic hardware changed from filter boxes to computers, but feedback - both electrical and in how the musicians reacted - governed the duo, with each player partially controlling the other's output.

Everyday life as an altered state.
Wire - Rob Young.

This is a bold artistic statement, a truly experimental gesture, and adds extra dimension to the art of improvising.
Sound Projector - Ed Pinsent.

New York Times @ Experimental Intermedia

Secret Measures
Secret MeasuresDL

Sound Projector
Sleeve Notes (Richard Sanderson)

Requests and Antisongs
Requests and Antisongs

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