Keiji Haino & John Butcher

Dalverme, Rome, Italy.


John Butcher / Hans Koch / Christian Kobi / Urs Leimgruber

Possibly the only long-running saxophone quartet playing exclusively on sopranos.  S4 formed in 2010 at the invitation of Christian Kobi. Switzerland, Italy, France and the UK (most recently HCMF) have enjoyed their concerts.

If, like me, you secretly think that the soprano sax is a fey, effete sort of instrument, this album will change your mind. It’s hard to believe that the noises on this disc are actually being produced by this instrument, or, for that matter, that human lungs can sustain these sort of tones.
Safe to say that the quartet probably didn’t nip out for a Capstan Full Strength in the smoking sheds during breaks in recording.
Sound Projector - Ian Sherred.

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