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Polwechsel was formed in 1993 by Michael Moser, Radu Malfatti, Burkhard Stangl and Werner Dafeldecker. Butcher joined in 1997, when Malfatti left, and played with the group for 10 years.
When Stangl left in 2003 Burkard Beins and Martin Brandlmayr entered, making Polwechsel a quintet.
Guests for some records and concerts include Christian Fennez, Klaus Lang and John Tilbury.
In 2017 Polwechsel gave a special concert at HCMF, playing with Butcher and Klaus Lang.

Polwechsel's music is not about tunes but textures; it resonates with the grainy abrasion of bows against strings, the bristling static of electronics, the faint dampness of air sucked through a saxophone reed. Over the past three or four decades these sounds have become common currency in free improvised music and the spontaneously layered piece "falb" proves that polwechsel are well versed in such methods. but Michael Moser and Werner Dafeldecker also compose with these materials.
Their pieces move deliberately from one sound field to the next, mapping and shaping each with a surveyor's precision and a sculptor's sense of form. They pay special attention to the points where electronic and acoustic sonorities overlap. Butcher's breathy rasps and Stangl's rumbling electric guitar feedback blend with Moser and Dafeldecker's bowed low strings and the crackles and drones that issue from the latter man's little black boxes.
Dusted - Bill Meyer

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