Otomo Yoshihide & John Butcher

Super Deluxe, Tokyo - by Osamu Enomoto.

Otomo Yoshihide

John Butcher and Otomo Yoshihide have been able to make music both in Japan and Europe.  As well as duo concerts they’ve enjoyed   meeting in groups with Sashiko M, Evan Parker, Paul Lytton, Peter Friis Nielsen, Tony March and others.

John Butcher initially plays feedback sax against Otomo’s sustains, carefully modulating his sound by adjusting the proximity of sax bell to mic, triggering soft blooms of sonic foom with unblown key clicks. A sudden lyrical flight of soprano is a delightful surprise, but the duo mostly prefer mindful sound-painting on a rough sonic canvas; that is until near the end, where more aggressively chordal guitar provokes stentorian tenor response.
Dalston Sound - Tim Owen.

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