Keiji Haino & John Butcher

Café Oto - by Fabio Lugaro.

Okkyung Lee

Over the last ten years Lee and Butcher have made music both together and in combinations with Christian Marclay, John Edwards, Steve Beresford, Chris Corsano, Max Eastley and Mark Sanders.
Cheol-Khot-Sae is Okkying Lee’s composition for septet - recorded at Donaueschinger Musiktage.

For all the praise they receive for their musicianship and challenging approaches to sound and technique, the music they make hits you on a real base level, creating atmosphere and feeling. You're never in doubt that this is music which produces an emotional response and is there to be enjoyed and not just appreciated. Lee and Butcher are able to create a performance with real pace and flow which explores music and sound both interesting and touching.
SILENT RADIO - Daniel Ladd.


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