Shipp, Butcher & Lehn

Atelier Claus, 2019 - by Laurent Orseau

Butcher / Shipp / Lehn

At the time when Trevor Brent of Fataka records invited Matthew Shipp and John Butcher to play a duo concert at Cafe Oto, it wasn’t an obvious pairing. But both players found the dynamic intriguing and it made complete sense to later ask Thomas Lehn to join them in trio. This group has since performed in Europe and Canada, and released 2 CDs.

This is a magical journey in sounds, ideas and textures, featuring three sonic visionaries.
Butcher has developed his own profound method of playing the saxophones. He converses in his own individual syntax, still radiating a surprising playfulness and commanding elegance. 
Shipp comes from free jazz but this free-improvised, free-associative meeting enables him to suggest bolder ideas and sounds, rarely heard in his own recordings.
Lehn’s highly inventive, often aggressive playing of the synthesizer introduces elements of danger and surprise and adds textual references to psychedelia, and sixties electronic experimentation.

Salt Peanuts - Eyal Hareuveni.

The Clawed Stone
The Clawed StoneCD

All About Jazz / Magnet
Sleeve Notes (Steve Dalachinsky)

Live painting by Gina Southgate - Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen 
Gina Southgate painting

Matthew Shipp duo

Matthew Shipp & John Butcher

Guelph, Canada -  by Susan O’Connor.

Shipp and Butcher In conversation at the ATTIC

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