Mark Sanders & John Butcher

Arnolfine, Bristol.

Mark Sanders

Mark Sanders and John Butcher had played together in occasional groups since the mid 80s - but John Coxon’s invitation to duet on a Treader night in 2008 seemed to spark a new musical relationship.
As well as free improvisation, their duo music now includes Butcher’s piece Tarab Cuts - a response to early Arabic recordings.
In recent times they’ve also worked together in Christian Marclay’s “Everyday”, in trio with Okkyung Lee and in Georg Gräwe’s “Frisque Concordance”.
 Last Dream of the Morning is a trio with John Edwards. Formed in 2016 it has become a very special project.

It may seem bizarre to call so generally understated a recording a scorcher, but that’s in fact precisely how I choose to describe the magnificent Daylight. Filled with a sustained tension and
intensity that brings each detail into vibrant relief, it’s got the heat of a most vital organism, star-stuff coming out in sparks.
Point of Departure - Jason Bivins.

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