Edwards / Butcher / Sanders

Atelier Claus, 2019 - by Laurent Orseau.

Last Dream of the Morning

John Edwards / John Butcher / Mark Sanders

These three hugely experienced British improvisers have played together in various formations over the years but, strangely enough, Last Dream of the Morning is their first ever trio date. With players of this calibre - all working at the very pinnacle of European improv - it hardly matters: the level of rapport and collective virtuosity is astonishing.
Jazzwise - Daniel Spicer.

Between Sander's nest of metallic percussion sounds, Edwards' pulsing undercurrent and Butcher's industrial-strength tenor sound, the three resemble some of Sun Ra and the Arkestra's more inspired adventures, an astonishing achievement for a trio.
 Free Jazz Blog - Stuart Broomer.

Last Dream of the Morning
Last Dream of the MorningCD/DL

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