Keiji Haino & John Butcher

Café Oto, London, 2016 - by Dawid Laskowski.

Keiji Haino duo

In early 2016 Haino and Butcher were invited to the atmospheric Empty Gallery in Hong Kong to play in duo for the first time. Later that year they met at Café Oto for a concert that was recorded and released on Otoroku.

By the end, they sound like Sun Ra and John Gilmore, returned to Earth with a new vision.
Musicworks - Stuart Broomer.

The entire album is quality content, but I am drawn to ‘III’ for its single-minded investigation of a sore and rueful emotional state, using repeated musical figures and insistent sounds to pin down the fugitive beast, until all sorrow is drained from its chromium heart…whatever that means.
There’s barely a single moment where these very extreme explorations, these wild clashes of sound, don’t succeed in causing alchemical sparks to fly from the furnace.

Light Never Bright Enough
Light Never Bright Enough coverLPCD

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At Café Oto - photos by Stuart Groves

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