John Edwards & John Butcher

 Fundació Joan Miró - by Pere Pratdesaba.

John Edwards

Since their first encounter, in a 1997 trio with Pat Thomas, Butcher and Edwards have found playing together an inspiring stimulation -   from duo to large groups and with musicians including Okkyung Lee, Chris Burn, Fabrizio Spera, Thurston Moore and Claudia Molitor.
Two trios have become a particular focus:
The Apophonics with Gino Robair and Last Dream of The Morning with Mark Sanders.

Between Butcher's extreme timbral flexibility and Edwards' extended bowing techniques, there are moments when the otherworldly keening or doleful muttering combine to make sounds that could have come from just about any other instrument. At times the two players seem to be locked together, both playing their instruments with a single brain; at others, they seem to be almost ignoring each other. Butcher and Edwards are masters of their craft.
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Cadence / Bagatellen
Sleeve Notes (Steve Beresford)

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Hit and Run
Hit and Run

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Stovelit Lines
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