Keiji Haino & John Butcher

Cranes & Freighters, Phipps Hall, HCMF, Huddersfield.


Isola is a composition created for an Anglo-French project commisioned for HCMF 2012.  John Butcher invited:

Frédéric Blondy - piano, Severine Ballon - cello, Elaine Mitchener - voice, Sebastian Lexer - electronics, John Edwards - bass and Eduard Perraud - percussion.

to form a group called Cranes and Freighters. They performed his piece "Isola" and Blondy’s "Interwoven Tides” as two halves of an evening concert.

Programme notes for Isola.

Penny Wands & Native String

For their 2009 biennale, Performa invited a number of composers to write pieces for Intonarumori. The instruments had been reconstructed by Luigi Russolo expert Luciano Chessa.
John Butcher’s piece, fo 8 Futurist Intonarumori and tenor saxophone, starts at 22:20.

Concerts were given in San Francisco and New York.
This film is from New York Town Hall.

A Performa Commission with SFMOMA and EMPAC. Produced and presented by Performa. Curated by Luciano Chessa with Esa Nickle.

Fixations on the Open Road

A commisioned by hcmf// and Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes who  invited John Butcher to create a site-specific performance in the Laboratorio Arte Alameda (a XVI century converted convent) in Mexico City.
He  worked over a number of days with the 15 piece contemporary music ensemble CEPRO. The performance was in October 2016.

These B&W photos are by Bradford Bailey - who writes

It was overwhelming, clocking in at two hours of carefully articulated structure and outright sonic assault. It was unlike anything I have ever heard from Butcher in the past – with performers and audience drifting among each other in a tangled knot. It was an astounding work, and a triumph for its composer – the results of which I am not soon to forget.
The Hum - Bradford Bailey

Beach Huts for the Afterlife

The Reverse Collection is a project of the Lebanese artist and musician Tarek Atoui.
In 2016 he installed ten of his invented instruments at the Tate Modern and invited many performers and composers to work with them. John Butcher wrote a piece for Mark Sanders, Dominic Lash, Alison Blunt, Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, John Edwards, Chris Burn.

The photographs are by Fabio Lugaro.


Good Liquor Caused My Heart For To Sing
John Butcher & London Sinfonietta

Tarab Cuts
John Butcher & Mark Sanders

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