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John Butcher Group
john butcher octet photo
Chris Burn  |  John Butcher  |  Adam Linson  |  John Edwards  |  Thomas Lehn  |  Clare Cooper  |  Gino Robair  |  dieb13
soundcheck, bimhuis, amsterdam, holland. november 2008.

somethingtobesaid | HCMF programme (pdf)

"Somethingtobesaid is important and powerful work, mixing mystery and certainty in subtle and sometimes disturbing ways."
Stuart Broomer / Point of Departure

The John Butcher Group was specially formed for the 2008 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival to perform somethingtobesaid, a HCMF commission. The group is a mix of musicians drawn from both long-time colleagues and more recent musical encounters, with players from England, Germany, Austria, the USA and Australia.

A preliminary version was performed at November Music in Holland, and a revised version at Berlin's Maerz Musik - reviewed here.

"A remarkable ensemble, and a music that seemed to distil beauty from the aural enviroment." WIRE - Brian Morton


Recorded live at the HCMF.

John Butcher Group
Chris Burn - piano
John Butcher - saxophones & pre-recordings
Clare Cooper - harp & guzheng
dieb 13 - turntables
John Edwards - bass
Thomas Lehn - synth
Adam Linson - bass & electronics
Gino Robair - percussion

WIRE | Point of Departure | Cyclic Defrost | horrible heaven
Signal to Noise | dusted | jazzmann

".. singular and often strangely beautiful music.
Substantial too - like the loaf of bread in Philip Butcher's splendid painting on the cover.
Something said; something really worth saying."

Julian Cowley / WIRE