Keiji Haino & John Butcher

Counterflows, Sterling -  by Andy Newcombe.

Gerry Hemingway duo

Hemingway and Butcher met whilst playing in Georg Gräwe's GrubenKlang Orchester on a 1993 Canadian tour. On that trip they also played in quartet in Vancouver, but it was another seven years before their appreciation of each other’s music led to them forming a duo.
Thomas Lehn also has a log-time duo with Hemingway and In 2020 there was a nice convergence when they played a trio  concert in Poitiers.

The pairing between the highly abstract, microtonal saxophones of John Butcher and the more conventionally loquacious (if no less inventive) Gerry Hemingway was something of a surprise at the time. But it worked like a charm. One Final Note - Jason Bivins.

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