Frisque Concordance

Stockwerk, Graz - by Peter Purgar / Jazz im Bild.

Frisque Concordance

George Gräwe / John Butcher / Wilbert de Joode / Mark Sanders

In 1991 Gräwe formed Frisque Concordance with John Butcher, Martin Blume and Hans Schneider. The quartet existed for 5 years, releasing  the CD “Spellings"
25 years later he instigated this new version, which has just released “Distinct Machinery”. 

This combination of ongoing acquaintance and reunification ensures that a degree of exploratory risk balances the supreme confidence of their dynamic virtuosic exchanges. One hopes that the recent travel barriers thrown up by Brexit don’t put paid to UK-European collaborations like this.
Wire - Bill Meyer

Morning Star interview with Georg Gräwe.

Distinct Machinery
distinct machinery

Point of Departure

The original Frisque Concordance
Under the Roof art

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