Fred Frith& John Butcher

Guerilla Mosaics, Oakland - by Myles Boisen.

Fred Frith

Since playing at the ICA, London in 1996 - in duo and with Charles Hayward - Frith and Butcher have had only the occasional chances to join forces. As well as duetting, there have been memorable concerts with cellists Hannah Marshall and Theresa Wong.

Frith’s two duets and the final trio brought out different aspects of his musical personality from pinched, rubbed and lightly brushed minimalism to trenchant rock-jazz blisters recalling his sorties with Material.
Butcher, in his duet with Frith, added melodic turns with authoritative grace, dodging in and out of jazz phrasing then twisting to explore the percussive potential of the tenor sax body, amplifying key taps and inducing feedback. 
London Jazz News - Geoffrey Winston..

The Natural Order
The Natural Order
Frith / Butcher

Louder Than War / Downbeat
Dusted / Tiny Mix Tapes

Quintillions Green
Quintillions Green
Frith / Butcher / Wong duos & trio

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