Keiji Haino & John Butcher

Café Oto - by Mike Winship.

Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay is both a musician and a visual artist, working in many media. Butcher joined a group, convened by Steve Beresford in 2005, to perform Marclay’s “Graffiti Music”.  Since then he has taken part in many of Christian’s projects, including “Screen Play”, “Shuffle”, “Ephemera”, “The Bell and the Glass” and “Everyday”-  as well as conventional concerts at Café Oto with Beresford and Okkyung Lee.

During his solo exhibition at the White Cube in 2015, Marclay invited a number of composers to create pieces responding to his work “Pub Crawl”. Butcher wrote “Good Liquor Caused My Heart For To Sing” for himself and members of the London Sinfonietta.

White Cube, Bermondsey - by Ben Westoby

Good Liquor Caused my Heart for to Sing

John Butcher feedbacking glasses & composition
London Sinfonietta:
Scott Lydgate clarinets, Jonathan Morton violin
Tim Gill cello, Oliver Lowe percussion

John Butcher and the London Sinfonietta performed an elegiac piece full of fading, ragged vigour that combined snatches of melodies from drinking songs and music-hall ballads with splintered, abstract sounds, again created using pebbles and empty pint glasses. Keening and melancholic - and channelling the spirit of an older, gruffer Britain that once stalked the squalid, post-war streets of Soho - it was haunting, dramatic, and shabbily magnificent.
Telegraph - Alastair Sooke

Good Liquor Caused my Heart for to Sing

Each performance during the exhibition was recorded and pressed to vinyl live inside the gallery.
The LP covers were all screen printed on site with individual Marclay designs.


1-3 Everyday at Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh - photos by Jana Chiellino
w/ Christian Marclay, Alan Tomlinson, Steve Beresford & Mark Sanders
4 Screen Play at “Festival” Whitney Museum, NY
w/ Alan Licht, Ned Rothenberg & Lee Renaldo
5 Ephemera at “Festival”  Whitney Museum, NY

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