Butcher - Russell - Durrant

Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen, Austria, 1996 - by Harald Mannsberger.

Butcher / Durrant / Russell

Phil Durrant and John Butcher met in 1984 at one of Phil Wachsmann's Morley College workshops. They then got together with John Russell for weekly rehersals and discussions at his flat, and the trio began playing on the London DIY scene. Slowly opportunities to play further afield grew and the trio met and performed regularly for another 15 years - with their final concert at the old Vortex in 1999.
Together they started Acta Records, which released their first LP “Conceits” and their collaboration with Paul Lovens and Radu Malfatti - “News from the Shed”.

The Intensity of the playing is taken to extraordinary lengths. As sparse as it is, the music is sometimes astonishingly dark and violent. The discipline of the group never falters: if one of them has nothing to say, he says nothing. Every fragment of music becomes significant.
Sunday Times- Richard Cook (1988).

There’s so much densely packed detail and invention most other music suddenly seems blockish and boring in comparison. Acoustic instruments yield up the kind of textures associated with Ambient and Electronica, but realtime musicianship makes it extraordinarily tense and poignant.
Hi-fi News- Ben Watson

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Sunday Times / NME
WIRE (1988) / WIRE (2015)

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