Andy Moor & John Butcher

76A, Napoli, Italy - by Pietro Previti.

Andy Moor duo

Moor and Butcher heard each other play at various festivals where The EX were on the bill, and thought an improvising duo could be take them both to some new areas. 
They have been playing together now for 20 years - with concerts including All Tomorrow’s Parties and Le Guess Who. Another long-term project is the group Thermal with synth player Thomas Lehn.

What Butcher does with the sax, Moor does with the guitar, an inseparable duet that seeks a common language between two different instruments, digging to the bone of communication.
The New Noise - Eugenio Luciano.

Sometimes it’s magic magic, othertimes it’s a joyous big beat.
HISvoice - Petr Slaby.

Experiments with a Leaf
Experiments with a LeafDL

Progress Report
The New Noise / The Pulse

Angelo Mai, Rome

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