Akio Suzuki & John Butcher

Guggenheim House, Kobe, Japan.

Akio Suzuki duo

John Butcher was very happy to meet and perform with sound artist Akio Suzuki at Strange Fruit - a club in the small coastal town of Oiso - as part of his first tour of Japan, curated by Hisahi Terauchi. They have since continued to develop their musical  relationship in visits to each other’s countries.
In particular they were invited by Arika for the extraordinary Resonant Spaces  tour of six unusual locations in Scotland and the Orkneys - where each night they performed both solo and together.

Akio Suzuki employs a large array of sound resources, including pebbles, sponge, brass plate, noise whistle and far more, all contributing to soundscapes that are rich and varied without ever sounding cluttered.
In any improvisation, the performance space is ever present as an additional participant alongside the musicians; in highly resonant spaces, that element becomes far more prominent and significant, creating greater complexity and added fascination.
SQUID’S EAR - John Eyles.

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