RESONANT SPACES ++ / John Butcher

 All musicians have to adapt their playing according to the acoustics of the space they find themselves in.
 In 1998 I improvised a solo saxophone piece in the WW II bunkers at Cape Spear, St. John's, Newfoundland Sound Symposium.
 It was the first time that the possibility of really making music for specific and unusual acoustics truly registered with me - along  with the heightened importance that atmosphere and other intangibles have when playing in unconventional situations.
 In recent years I've been fortunate to have had many opportunities to dig deeper into the possibilities of site-specific music making.

Built in the late 1920's, Europe's largest disc-type gas holder is almost 120m high and 70m in diameter.

Trägerfrequenz (2:47) - Tenor Saxophone - Sept 2006 sorry - your browser doesn't work with embedded sound

An Arika commission to create site-specific pieces in 6 unusual locations in the Orkney Islands and Scotland.
Standing Stones of Stenness - Lyness Oil Tank (more photos) - Smoo Cave - Tugnet Ice House - Wormit Reservoir - Hamilton Mausoleum.

Sympathetic Magic - Feedback Tenor Sax - Hamilton Mausoleum sorry - your browser doesn't work with embedded sound

Floating Cult - Soprano Saxophone - Hamilton Mausoleum

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OYA STONE MOUNTAIN - Utsonomiya City, Japan
A hollowed out larval mountain, whose green stone has been mined since the 9th century.
It has a 20,000 square metres floor, is 30 metres underground and is very cold.

Second Zizoku(2:28) - Tenor Saxophone - Nov 2004 sorry - your browser doesn't work with embedded sound