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Gino Robair & John Butcher
gino robair and john butcher
drawing by Alice Spawls.

27.11.13 (cafe Oto download)
Bottle Breaking Heart Leap (vinyl)
On Air | Scrutables | Apophenia | New Oakland Burr
Guerrilla Mosaics | Liverpool (Bluecoat) Concert | 12 Milagritos

Californian percussionist Gino Robair first played with Butcher at a 1997 recording session in Oakland.
Music from that day was released on the CDs - Music on Seven Occasions & Buddy Systems.

Robair | Butcher | Sperry

robair, butcher and sperry
© brad winter - vancouver jazz fesival, 2001

The next year they formed a trio with bassist Matthew Sperry (whom Butcher first met at Company 1995 in Vancouver) - playing in the USA and Canada and releasing the CD 12 Milagritos.

It was a great shock when Matthew was killed by a car whilst cycling in June 2003. A site is dedicated to his memory.

Continuing as a duo, Robair and Butcher have toured extensively releasing four recordings.
Alongside, numerous trio have flourished - with koto player Miya Masaoka, guitarist John Shiurba, trumpeter Liz Albee, guitarist Derek Bailey, synthist Thomas Lehn, turntablist dieb13, audio-visual artist Bill Hsu and The Apophonics with bassist John Edwards.
Gino is also a vital part of the 7-piece John Butcher Group.

Recorded Cafe Oto, London, November 2013.

The Apophonics
Gino Robair
John Butcher
John Edwards

Bottle Breaking Heart Leap

bottle breaking heart leap
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Recorded Leeds, 2013.
Limited edition of 250 on 180gm black vinyl

Gino Robair
John Butcher

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On Air

Recorded for BBC Jazz on 3, Pinewood: 2012.

The Apophonics
Gino Robair
John Butcher
John Edwards

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Recorded at Moat Studios, London, 2000.
Released 2011.

Derek Bailey
John Butcher
Gino Robair

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Radio recording, KFJC, Los Altos Hills, California, 2009.

John Butcher: saxophones (with motors on 1 and 4).
Gino Robair: energised surfaces.

Watchful Ear | all about jazz | Sound Projector

Imagine slow-motion cement monkeys pushing in vain against the bars of their cages, steel bars that ring and vibrate in an endless corridor.   Sound Projector.

New Oakland Burr

Studio recording, Oakland, California. 2001.

John Butcher: soprano and tenor saxophones, amplified/feedback or acoustic.
Gino Robair: ebow snare, cymbals, faux dax, motor, toy reed, styrofoam.

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Guerrilla Mosaics

guerrilla mosaics cover
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Studio recording from Oakland, California: 2002

Robair/Butcher with Miya Masaoka - koto

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Liverpool (Bluecoat)

liverpool cover
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Live at the Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool: 2000

Butcher / Robair duo

Jazz Word

12 Milagritos

Studio recording from Oakland, California: 1998

Robair/Butcher with Matthew Sperry - double bass

twelve statements of exuberance given momentum by a subtle delicacy

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