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Chris Burn & John Butcher
burn and butcher
© avril levi
at Musica Genera | Horizontals White | Navigations | The Place | Cultural Baggage
Quartet The First Two Gigs | Duo Fonetiks

Burn and Butcher are probably most associated for their work in Chris Burn's ENSEMBLE - but their musical relationship goes back to the mid 1970s.
Early projects included Burn's Jazz Ensemble and numerous small groups that gradually moved towards free improvisation - abetted by weekly rehearsals and concerts at the Workers' Music Assosiation in Notting Hill Gate.

For both, their first published recording was the 1984 LP Fonetiks. Around this time they also performed in John Corbett's Freelance with Elton Dean, and Embers with Jim Denley and Marcio Mattos.
Most recently Burn has been a key player in the John Butcher Group.

Chris Burn's ENSEMBLE

1990 © ivan dias

Formed in 1984 to work with strategies to develop a more 'chamber' approach to large group improvising.

For the first dozen years the personnel was:

Chris Burn - piano
John Butcher - saxes
Jim Denley- flute
Stevie Wishart - violin, hurdy-gurdy
Phil Durrant - violin
John Russell - guitar
Marcio Mattos - cello
Matt Hutchinson - synthesiser

"The willingness of the Chris Burn Ensemble to explore darker emotions and how they contrast with the beauty surrounding them, returns the depth of potential implied by improvised music back into its practice.
Andrew Choate/CODA

chris burn's ensemble In 1997 ENSEMBLE expanded to an 11 piece - adding:

Rhodri Davies - harp
Mark Wastell - cello
Axel Dörner - trumpet

ENSEMBLE is now a flexible unit of varying size.

Vienna - March 2005

burn and butcher

Chris Burn - piano: Cordula Bösze - flute: Xavier Charles - clarinet: Franz Hautzinger - trumpet: Helge Hinteregger - sampler:
Christof Kurtzmann - lloopp: Burkhard Stangl - guitar: John Butcher - saxophones: Eva Reiter - viola de gamba & recorder:
Werner Dafeldecker - bass: Paul Lovens - drums:

Berlin - April 2006

burn and butcher

Chris Burn - piano: Kai Fagashinski - clarinet: Diego Chamy - percussion: Christof Kurtzmann - lloopp: Burkhard Stangl - guitar:
John Edwards - double bass: Burkhard Beins - percussion: John Butcher - saxophones: Boris Baltschun - computer:

ENSEMBLE at Musica Genera

ensemble at musica genera cover In concert, 2002:
Teatr Kana, Szczecin, Poland.

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Horizontals White

horizontals white cover
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In concert, 2001:
Freedom of the City & The Red Rose, London.



11 piece version - released on ACTA.
Gateway Studios, London: 1997.

Richard Barrett's liner notes


The Place 1991

the place 1991 cover
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Evan Parker guests on Blocks and Arches.
Includes a performance of Keith Rowe's "Pollock #82".

Crosswinds Festival, Place Theatre, London: 1991


Cultural Baggage

cultural baggage cover Gateway Studios, London: 1990
Released on ACTA

The First Two Gigs

the first two gigs cover
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As the title says - Walthamstow and Finsbury Park: 2000

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fonetics cover LP recorded at Bark Studios, London: 1984

Mainstreamers should be warned.
Jazz Journal